This is actually pretty impressive. You go, mountain goat.

This is actually pretty impressive. You go, mountain goat.

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I live for the regenerative power of the rain drops here in the forest. Rosemary, a drought thriving herb. CH.: Dewdrop Raindrop Waterdrop, Macro, Raindrops Dew, Drops, Rain Drops, Rain Rainbows Dewdrops, Dew Drops Rain, Water, Water Drop

The Spangled Cotinga: Amazon Rainforest, Exotic Birds, South America, Animals Birds, Beautiful Birds

Zwevende Kast

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make up, hair, skin, everything about her is as a victoria secret model <3: Weddingmakeup, Wedding Hair, Hair Colors, Blonde Hair, Candice Swanepoel, Hairs, Blondes, Hair Makeup, Wedding Makeup

Burgandy + black. Love the longer skirt! I need Some of these =): Maroon Skirt, Burgandy Fall Outfits, Burgandy Outfits Fall, Burgandy Dress, Burgandy Skirt Outfit Fall, Burgandy Clothes Outfits, Classy Outfits For Teens, Work Outfit, Spring Outfit

Jumbo Self-Watering Hanging Basket: Hanging Flower Pots, Jumbo Self Watering, Self Watering Hanging, Colors, Hanging Flowers, Basket 15, Flowers Baskets, Hanging Planters, Hanging Baskets

photographer: Sharon Montrose: Farm, Goaty Goat, Nubian Goats, Animals, Gift, Goat Goat, Sharonmontrose, Things

oh my god: Babies, Sweet, Baby Otters, So Cute, Pet, Adorable, Baby Animals, Babyotters

Gloster's Fancy Canary nature's cutest little punk rocker ~ stunningly adorable!!! (ava note: he looks a little like the fifth Beatle lol): Gloster S Fancy, Canary Bad, Bad Hair, Gloster Canary, Beautiful Birds, Fancy Canary