This is cool. optical illusion dance - YouTube

This is cool. optical illusion dance - YouTube

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I wish I looked as good as that -,- Cancer Sign does look fine tho -,*: Zodiac Signs, Fashion, Style, Horoscope, Leo, Cancer Zodiac, Virgo, Zodiac Cancer

Her fingerprint his ring! The Original Fingerprint Wedding Band - by Brent & Jess Custom Handmade Fingerprint Wedding Rings and Jewelry: Wedding Ring, Fingerprint Wedding Bands, Wedding Ideas, Weddings, Fingerprints, Fingerprint Ring, The Originals

Hard To Be A Soccer Fan

1960 Porsche 356 -: Cars Collection, Red, Classic Cars, Auto, Vintage Porsche, Porsche 356, 1960 Porsche

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We have a ton of these little guys in the aviaries at work... they are ridiculously cute and very sassy!: Animals, Nature, Australian Finches, Pet, Birdie, Beautiful Birds, Zebras

Beware of flying pucks

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