This is horrible but i am dying!

This is horrible but i am dying!

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My pug does all of these except for maybe the head tilt (very rare!). Her favorite poses are the side slump, the frog and the sit-up!: Animals, Dogs, Pug Life, Pet, Gemmacorrell, Pugs, Pug Positions, Gemma Correll

Glass Frog under black light! You can feed this frog and study everything about it because you can see right through it's skin:): Colorful Frogs, Cool Frogs, Froggy, Amphibians Reptiles, Blacklight, Frogs Frogs Frogs

Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov spends hours setting up fairytale scenes. He studied ants, and saw that they all follow a very specific path when they’re working. So he put his props on their trail, and photographed the insects interacting with his min

Some people... just have the best sense of humor....: Giggle, Man Hahahah, Water Heater, Romantic Work, Funny Stuff, Smile, Funny Gas Man Fix Flowers, So Funny, Funny Humour Laughter

~~Columbine by johnshlau~~: Color, Flowers Plants, Columbine Flower, Beautiful Flowers, Garden, Photo, Johnshlau, Flower, Purple Flower

Scalloped Luna Lace Dress in Sapphire Top Plus Size Womens Clothing at Plussize, Size Dresses, Style, Scalloped Luna, Size Fashion, Luna Lace, Plus Size Clothing, Lace Dresses

Boudoir, outdoors boudoir, boudoir poses, boudoir photography ideas, boudoir photo ideas, beyond the wanderlust, inspirational photography blog: Girls, Sweater, Sexy, Beautiful, Boudoir Photo, Beauty, Women, Hair, Tierra Lee

Emerald Trapiche ~ It weighs 0.42 carats and measures 6x5x1 mm. From Muzo Mine in Colombia.: Rocks Minerals Gems Stones, Gems Minerals, Gemstones Minerals, Gems Menerals, Gem Stones, Minerals Rocks Gems, Gems Rocks Minerals, Emerald Trapiche Muzo, C

Sea Turtle - ©Geno Arguelles (via Behance): Sea Life, Animals, Seaturtles, Nature, Beautiful, Ocean, Beach, Photo, Sea Turtles

Who could resist a chance to pass this photo along? These Vietnamese fishermen hauling pots containing their catch to market offer yet another view of the incredible value of the bicycle.: Amazing, Photos, Bike, Market, Fish, Vietnam, Travel, Places, Bicy