This is the second Chimera cat photo I have seen. Beautiful, unusual cats.

This is the second Chimera cat photo I have seen. Beautiful, unusual cats.

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English Bulldog: Bulldog Studley, Bulldog Moe, English Bulldogs, Bulldog Gorgeous, White English Bulldog, Bulldog Brutis

Emeralds + diamonds. I don't normally love emeralds, but...these bracelets would make anyone reconsider. So pretty.: Emeralds, Jewelry Emerald, Favourite Gemstones, Emerald Bracelets, Diamonds, Green, Accessories, Diamond Bracelets

Blue French Bulldog... Someday in the very far off future, what a cute little dream of a puppy: Animals, Bulldog Awwwww, Blue Frenchbulldog, Pets, Dogs Puppies, Awwww French Bulldog, Blue French Bulldogs, French Bulldog Puppies, Blue Frenchies

Whats she singin Sis ?? Oh it's that song ~~ I love you You love me "we're a happy family! She never stops oh !!!! Hmmmm: Animals, Nature, Color, Beautiful Birds, Red Lories, Red Birds

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?- Spot on. Born on the 15th ✨: Birthday, Born, Birth Stones Months, Zodiac, Scorpio, Numerology, Quote, Births, Birthdates

Vintage European Dapper Half Frame Round Wayfarer Sunglasses 8819: Messy Bun, Hairstyles, Hair Styles, Braids, Braided Bun

The space shuttle Endeavour, fresh from the STS-126 mission and mounted atop its modified Boeing 747 carrier aircraft, flies over California's Mojave Desert.: Shuttle Endeavour, Airplane, Aircraft, Boeing 747, Photo, Planes, Space Shuttle

Another awesome airbrushing by Dru Blair! I own this print... and I bought my nephew one right after Blair painted this. It is titled "Power": Airforce, Aviation, Airplane, Dru Blair, Art, Aircraft, Painting, Planes

Hahahahahaha.. This is so stupid, but I can't stop laughing hahahahah: Scream, Giggle, Cant, My Life, Ketchup Xd, Funny Stuff, So Funny, Hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha, Can'T Stop Laughing

- LOL, DAMN! Page 22 of 1682 Funny pictures and Awesome quotes - LOL, DAMN!: Ryan Gosling, Giggle, Girlfriend Meme, Patrick Stump, Crazy Girlfriend, Funny Picture, Funny Stuff, So Funny