This just brightens my day!

This just brightens my day!

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i=love=tea=and=cake=to=i=love=to=do=this=everyday=to=from=peter=horgan: Cup, Tea Party, Paris, Tea Time, Food, Teas, Photo, Teatime

Cedar Waxwing - every Fall for a few days we have flocks of these that eat ALL the red berries in sight and then leave for the Winter. I've seen 30+ on a bush at once and the berries disappear overnight.: Animals, Nature, Autumn, Fall, Cedar Waxwing,

Cedar Waxwing - ©Erik Hovmiller Beautiful Birds, Cedar Waxwing, Photo, Apple Blossoms, Yellow Birds, Animal, Crab Apples

cedar waxwing | Cedar Waxwings: Cedarwaxwings, Animals, Nature, Wax Wing, Beautiful Birds, Photo, Bird Watching

Cedar Waxwing: Cedar Waxwing, Beautiful Birds, Animals Birds

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Very Few People Are This Cool

Trololo | 27 Cats That Just Can't Handle It -- LOLLLLLLL take that! I'm the king of the sofa!!!

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