This quokka. | The 24 Most Important Australian Animal Gifs Of All Time

This quokka. | The 24 Most Important Australian Animal Gifs Of All Time

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Amazing ~ " Yes, the stone you see above is actually from Earth, and called Lightning Ridge Black Opal. It gets its name from a real Australian town in New South Wales and is one of the rarest kinds of opal on the planet.": Crystals, Gemstones, R

Ssss!...Uhm Look Sister, This Place Is Really Cute...Samisomar's Pinterests Are So Friendly !... Beautiful Butterflies, Jack O'Connell, Zebra Butterflies, Zebra Longwing

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“Off” button. | The Best Cat GIF Post In The History Of Cat GIFs

P51 Mustang. This what the Ford Mustang is named for. The airplane was named for the wild southwestern US horse.: Fighter Aircraft, Ww2 Planes, Mustang Baby, Fighter Planes Jets, Favorite Airplane, Planes Fascinating, P51 Mustange Jpg 1280 1024, P 51 Must

the most funny HD video compilation fail Toy Story 3, Disney Pixar, Funny Picture, Funny Stuff, Movie, Monsters really does look like it has deer eyes: Peacocks, Butterfly Moth, Photo

This dog’s attempt at actually looking good in a selfie. | The 61 Most Awkward Moments In The History Of Dogs: Selfie, Animals, Awkward Moments, Dogs, Pet, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Funny Animal

Beer bottles into glass cups

Here we see the vicious pit bull terrier in its terrifying natural habitat. Come and like also our Facebook page at for more awesome dogs :) Check out for cool Dog T-Shirts!: Pitt Bu