Those ears!!!!! >.<

Those ears!!!!! >.<

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Dragonfly spectacular colour.Tell me that's not God having fun!: Dragon Flies, Nature, Color, Dragonfly, Dragonflies, Animal

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Long but worth it, funniest one is 3rd from the last, "Met fan got sniped" | The 89 Funniest Sports GIFs Of 2013

German Shepards……so cute!!: Animals, German Shepards, Shepherd Puppies, Puppys, German Shepherds, Shepherd Dogs, Gsd

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helicopter VS ΠΩΛΗΣΕΙΣ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΕΩΝ ΔΩΡΕΑΝ ΑΓΓΕΛΙΕΣ ΠΩΛΗΣΗΣ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΗΣ BUSINESS FOR SALE FREE OF CHARGE PUBLICATION: Pink Helicopter, Models, Victoriasecret, Secret Helicopter, Victoria Secret, Victoria S Secret, Helicopters, Secret Angel

Colored optical illusion... This is cool

Moon sign meanings. (My moon is in Aquarius. Sun is in Gemini) The Moon represents the emotional responses, unconscious pre-destination, and the self-image.: Moon Signs, Moon Magick, Zodiac, Moonsigns, Moon S Signs, Forest, The Moon

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