~Tulip 'Double Touch': Tulip Doubletouch, Garden Flowers, Becautiful Flowers, Tulips Double

~Tulip 'Double Touch': Tulip Doubletouch, Garden Flowers, Becautiful Flowers, Tulips Double

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In west Philadelphia born and raised on the play ground where I spent most of my days chilling out maxing relaxing all cool and shooting some bball outside of school when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood. I

Crystals for Heartache (Broken Heart) — Work on healing a broken heart with Chrysoprase, Chrysocolla, Rhodonite, or Rose Quartz. Carry or hold as needed. Also meditate with your preferred crystal. Release the past and look towards the future. You are wort

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Praying Angels Orchids: Angels Orchid, Nature, Praying Angels, Orchids, Beautiful Flowers, Angel Orchid, Flowers, Garden