venezuelan poodle moth. It actually exists, and this thing is cute as heck >.

venezuelan poodle moth. It actually exists, and this thing is cute as heck >.

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There's an entire breed of dwarf cats with abnormally short legs. They are called "Munchkin Cats.": Ragdoll Cat, Kitty Cats, Munchkin Kitten, Kitty Kitty, Kitty S, Munchkin Cats, Cat S, Adorable Animal, Munchkin Kitty

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Lapin Blanc

Stegosaurus sculpture made out of reclaimed scraps and yard/garden implements (by Mike Urban). I love the shovels for plates.: Metal Sculptures, Art Dinosaurs, Garden Ideas, Garden Art, Yard Art, Front Yard, Dinosaur Sculpture

mansion for dogs, little too much for dogs but a play house version for a girl and it would be super amazing.: Hiltons Doghouse, Dog Houses, Pet Houses, Dogs Houses, Cat Houses, Hilton S Dog

Full body workout set to music! | The Slender Student.---choosing different songs with about the same lengths

"Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most." -Abraham Lincoln: Classroom Quotes, Quotes Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln Quotes, Quotes Abe Lincoln, Intelligence Quote, Wisdom Quotes, Inspirational Coffee Quotes, Wise

Libra Personality Disorder ~~ Passive-Aggressive ~~ okay -- I MAY suffer from a few of these.... LOL

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