Weekend Cutout Dress - Black

Weekend Cutout Dress - Black

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Smell the flowers - reminds me of my beloved boy.......who always took time to smell the flowers.

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This is bada** I can totally see Judith riding the road with this. Droppin kids off to school.: Harley Davidson, Skeleton Bike, Ghost Rider, Bad Ass, Motorbike, Skeleton Motorcycle

"A kitten is the rosebud in the garden of the animal kingdom." --Robert Southey: Cats, Grey Cat, Adorable Cat, Pet, Kittens, Kitties, British Shorthair, Shorthair Cat, Animal

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Visiting America For The First Time

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"Bat 01 Cleared for Rolling takeoff, unrestricted climb to flight level 180 and switching to departure": Military Aircraft, Aircraft B1B Bomber, Air Power, Bomber Approx, B 1 Bomber

Florida hear I come! but seriously, why is it I love all these cool looking bathing suits and then realize they would leave awful tan lines??? Someone NEEDS to invent anti-tanline cream because SPF doesn't cut it!

PlayStation or Xbox?