Whatsoever. | 29 Pictures That Prove You Should Never Own A Westie

Whatsoever. | 29 Pictures That Prove You Should Never Own A Westie

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dying. So true though @Sara Evans @Madison Wilkins @Andrea Hausknecht @Cami Kehl @Samantha Lennartson how i feel with all of you! haha: My Friend, Friends, Truth, My Life, Funny Stuff, So True, Humor, Funnies

I will admit, in this case I would stand corrected for cosplay, as the picture shows it is an actual costume from the media. I still stand by not wearing a Star Spangled bikini and saying you're Captain America/American Dream.: Nerd Costume, Cosplay D

Yeah this would probably be me also: Funny Texts, Princess, Funny Pictures, Funnypictures, Funny Quotes, Funny Photos, Funnie

Good-looking Black/Blue French Bulldog puppies Limited Edition French Bulldog Tee http://teespring.com/lovefrenchbulldogs: Blue French Bulldog Puppy, Black French Bulldog Puppy, Baby French Bulldog, French Bulldogs Blue, Blue French Bulldogs, Frenchie, F

Nude leather jacket, rust orange maxi skirt and white tank: Fashion, Style, Dress, Maxiskirt, Outfit, Maxi Skirts

100, 101... haha i bet that's what she's saying. Get it Girl :): Body, Girl, Pull Up, Fitness Inspiration, Fitness Motivation, Health, No Fear, Workout

use gel from diapers and mix in with soil for soil that holds water twice as long, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly!: Water, Garden Ideas, Diapers, Plants, Gardening, Life Hacks, Diy, Potting Soil

How To Make A Money Cake

The Cat Looks Confused As Heck

Stay sober. Laugh at drunk buses.: Buses, Giggle, Funny Stuff, Funnies, You Re Drunk, Homes, Choo Choo