Where is he when I need him?

Where is he when I need him?

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Cat In The Snow In A Tree For more Christmas cats, visit https://www.facebook.com/funholidaycats: Kitty Cats, Animals, Kitten, Winter, Tree, Pet, Snow, Orange Cats

Black Swan....too amazing... we live on this planet with such a Beauty!!! Omg!: Black Swan Bird, Waterfowl Geese Swans, Black Swan Too, Black Swans So, Swan Too Amazing, Birds Swans, Animal

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Hedgehog in the bath

Clear Quartz Crystals: $3.00 Clear Quartz Crystal is a stone of power. It's a MASTER HEALER that amplifies other stones and intentions.: Crystals Meditation, Healing Crystals, Earth Angel, Stone, Clear Quartz, Quartz Crystals, Master Healer, Amazing E

Yes! Can I have a dress that looks like this?!?: Peacock Feathers, Peacocks, Color, Intense Colors Oh, Rainbow Colors, Peacock Colors, Bold Colors

When you see it... If you can't find it, look on the far right in the shadow. This face is found in two other pins! Ghost or photoshop?

corgie ... i say i'd never get another dog ... but LITTLE dogs are pretty darn cute. but they still bark ... hmmpfff....

: Dogs, Favorite Things, Dog S Favorite, Puppy, Funny Animal

Madeleine - It seems like Pants Suits with Longer Jackets are back "in style" Great colour for Spring...: Women S, Womens Fashion, Style, Dress, Suits