White trend on white button up? Yes please.

White trend on white button up? Yes please.

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CHO TOMBO - or BUTTERFLY SKIMMERRhyothemis fuliginosa© myu-myu Rhyothemis fuliginosa is widespread throughout much of central, southern and eastern China, central and southern Japan and may occur in Vietnam and Myanmar. Its Japanese common name ‘cho-tomb

BUILT TO IMPRESS THE LADIES: The bower of the vogelkop gardener bowerbird is a complex architectural masterpiece, built to attract mates. The tower, called the maypole, is set around a thin trunk. Anything with striking colors is used to decorate it: blos

Wreath Ring...this with the rubies in that too small ring and some of the extra diamonds left from the other ring.: Rings, Leaf Ring, Bay Leaves

Discover Jennifer Aniston’s secret weapon for perfectly tousled hair - on the #Sephora Glossy>: Tousled Hair, Jennifer Aniston, Perfectly Tousled, Hairstyle, Living Proof

32 Plant Hummingbird Garden for Medium Soils : Prairie Nursery Native Plants, Buy Native Plants | Native Seeds | No Mow Lawn | Native Landscape Consulting: Medium Soils, Plant Hummingbird, Native Plants, Attracting Hummingbirds, 32 Plant, Garden Plants

The most adorable photo of a dog and cat! Photo Credit: Brotherhood by Burak Kilic on 500px. From https://500px.com/photo/69489135/brotherhood-by-burak-kili%C3%87: Animals, Kitten, Best Friends, Pets, Adorable, Cats And Dogs, Photo, Golden Retriever

Australians And Their Difficult Language

I'm doing this for my dog at christmas: Holiday, Animals, Dogs, Dachshund, Doxie, Puppy, Christmas Card, Merry Christmas