Why I love cats..not so much the hunting bit..

Why I love cats..not so much the hunting bit..

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Did you know #puppies have 28 baby teeth? These little guys still need good dental care, too! Bully Sticks are a great way to teach positive chewing habits and clean puppy teeth! #smile #husky: Animals, Dogs, Siberian Husky, Puppys, Siberian Huskies, Husk

Warning to all attractive fictional/real boys: I may or may not be under your porch right now, [ Did you know, I count your heart beats before you sleep...]* *IF YOU GOT THAT LAST THING I LOVE YOU: Fandom S, Fandom Fangirl, Books Fandoms, Fandoms Fangirli

So cute, but I don't wear heels because I'm already a mammoth; New England weather doesn't permit this type of outfit, either. I'm sad :(

Aww: Doggie, Animals, Dog Owners, Funny Dogs, Owners Understand, Funny Animal, Friend

: Kitty Cats, Animals, Sweet, Pets, Kitty Kitty, Kittens, Feline

Фотоподборка (200 фото)= I wonder if this means they are for sale???: Car, Animals, Puppies, Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Pets, Puppys, Friend

Tiny Calico Kitten, 11weeks old. My kid sister, Babu, aka my parent's new kitten after 15 years of grieving the loss of our first kitty, Jassu.: Kitty Cats, Beautiful Cats, Alert Calico, Calico Kittens, Calico Cats, Cats Kittens, Baby Cat

Supernatural fandom #Dean's signal for 'vampire'.: Dean S Secret, Dean Xd, Dean S Vampire, Vampire Faces, Winchester, Supernatural Dean S, Dean O'Gorman, Adorable Dean, Dean S Signal

Go-go gadgets and kate spade cheeky charms <3: Cheeky Charms, Gift, Ipad Mini, ️Kate Spade, New York, Go Go Gadgets, Katespade, Spade Cheeky

Emerald and rose gold ring. Turkey c1975.: 14K Emerald, Rose Gold