Why Kids Need Dogs - so cute!: Dogs, Pet, My Heart, So True, Puppy, Baby, Kid

Why Kids Need Dogs - so cute!: Dogs, Pet, My Heart, So True, Puppy, Baby, Kid

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A reminder that all things take easing into and time- if you believe and persist, it will come to be. Your asana is not about how fast or perfect you can come to your pose, but how the self is expressed through your pose. Just like your practice, the more

This little bird is weaving his/her own nest.: Bird Nests, Beautiful Birds, Animal

Angela Phuong Trinh, via Flickr.: Blue Laced, Phuong Trinh, Shoulder Details, Angela Phuong, Laced Ao, Gems Details, Delicate Details, Angela Pt, Ao Dai

Water droplet http://calgary.isgreen.ca/recycling/electronics/green-computer-use-recycling-and-disposal/: Water Drops, Color, Dewdrops Water, Dew Drops, Drops Droplets, Leaves, Sweets Waterdrops Green, Dewdrops Raindrops ️, Water Droplets

Madonna vs Margaret Thatcher

Adorable ring.: Cute Rings, Park Benches, Bench Lovers, Lovers Ring, Jewellery, Parks, Jewelry, Breedentice, Engagement Rings

walrus' reaction after getting a birthday cake made out of fish... so cute it hurts: Picture, Fish Cake, Happy Birthday, Animals, Walrus S, So Cute, Birthdays, Funny, Birthday Cakes

House Is Really Something Else: House Diagnoses, House Md, Funny Pictures, Housemd, House M D, Dr House, Funny Stuff, Dump A Day

Vintage Print Rocks and Minerals Azurite and by PineandMain. $6.00, via Etsy.: Print Rocks, Minerals Azurite, Gemstones Minerals, Rocks And Minerals, Vintage Prints, Vintage Mineral, Azurite Minerals, Rock Mineral Gemstones

You Are Aware Of Your Body Now