Why Kids Need Dogs - so cute!: Dogs, Pet, My Heart, So True, Puppy, Baby, Kid

Why Kids Need Dogs - so cute!: Dogs, Pet, My Heart, So True, Puppy, Baby, Kid

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A reminder that all things take easing into and time- if you believe and persist, it will come to be. Your asana is not about how fast or perfect you can come to your pose, but how the self is expressed through your pose. Just like your practice, the more

Matte black... as it should be used The most awesome bombers, the work horse B52 and the most deadliest, the Stealth: Military Aircraft, Air Force, Stealth Bomber, Airplane, B 52, Aircraft, B52 Bomber

Her and her dog ..Pandora adopted from the street: Photos, Dogs, Beautiful, People, Photography, Eyes, Dog Pandora, Animal

interesting: Fit, Birth Order, Only Child, Sibling, Quote, Middle Born, Pretty Accurate, So True, Middle Child

Quartz on Chrysocolia by Wood's Stoneworks and Photo Factory, via Flickr: Gems Crystals Stones Minerals, Chrysocolia, Crystals Rocks, Crystals Gems Rocks Fossils, Woods, Gemstones ️Crystals, Gems Rocks Crystals

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"zodiac signs rather than use the terms positive and negative (connotations) I use the term electric and magnetic, respectively." I think I will too :D As a Cancer, I'm desperately trying to break my own personal boundaries, especially when i

Lolli Coral Bow Suit- love the bow, the color, the style... the whole thing! Want!: Bathing Suits, Style, Swimwear, Bikinis, Swimsuits

I'm so very sorry, but I nearly spit my coffee out when I saw this. I can't stop laughing!: Face, Giggle, Eggs, Funny Stuff, Humor, Hilarious, So Funny, Overly Attached Girlfriend

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